The top job of the congressman for this district should be working as an ambassador for the district in recruiting jobs for North Alabama and creating a thriving business environment by working with local leaders in each area to have a focused vision for North Alabama. Creating jobs starts by having an office that is open for business. Companies that are looking to create opportunities throughout the United States need to know that our office will be open to every discussion and will look at every option to bring in business, and will work with existing businesses to help in growth.

As a small businessman who has created jobs in the private sector, Clayton knows that one of the major hindrances in creating new jobs in this country is the complicated and bloated tax code. According to the National Taxpayers Union, compliance with the existing tax code costs Americans $234 billion in economic lost every year. As Congressman, Clayton will push to simplify the tax code, reduce corporate tax rates, create tax credits for individuals in advanced manufacturing and STEM careers, and creating tax incentives based on NAICS codes to continue to make North Alabama a mecca for production, design, and manufacturing. Real jobs change real lives. Playing current D.C. politics does not.


As someone who has actually been on the front lines, I understand the importance of supporting the warfighter. National Defense and space exploration has been the backbone of the 5th district for many years. Continued support for these federal programs and contracts will be vital in the continuation of our success and the expansion of our footprint.

As a congressman, Clayton will work with leaders of major defense companies to ensure that they are aware of the resources available in North Alabama so that from Florence to Scottsboro, we will be on the map. Clayton will push to meet with other legislators and help them understand the focus of North Alabama and work with them to ensure that defense is as critical to them as it is for North Alabama, because while National Defense is important to our economy, it is very important to the very safety of the United States, and that is a message that the whole nation can appreciate.

If we work together, we will be able to support increased funding for air and missile defense systems, international radar systems, and cyber security. Supporting the warfighter will continue to be a priority for North Alabama, and with support from President Trump, North Alabama will be the backbone of NASA’s mission to reach Mars.


Clayton knows firsthand the issues facing veterans dealing with the VA. This is not only a veteran’s issue, but with mismanagement and outdated policies, this is an American issue that has influenced everyone. Veterans in North Alabama should not have to drive to Birmingham to receive regular care. To be productive members of society, our veterans should have convenient and adequate healthcare.

Customer service should be the first and foremost quality that the VA is known for. Currently, veterans are not treated with the respect they deserve in the VA that people would come to expect in private sector. As our congressman, Clayton will push to give veterans private health provider options, will increase funding for mental health care and will work to create a program within the VA that will create and bridge strong relationships with individuals suffering or suspected of suffering from PTSD, unemployment, and drug addiction. Our veterans have served us, it is our time to serve them.


Education is the future of America and North Alabama is no exception. Clayton spent his whole life furthering his education, from WestPoint, to Georgetown, to Vanderbilt. He wants a strong education for his children and their generation.

Clayton will work to invigorate our education systems by bringing 21st Century Technology to the classroom. He will work to build new schools to relieve overcrowding and support competition in education to allow parent to make the best choices for their children’s education.


As someone who has taken an oath to defend America, I am repulsed by policy makers who seek to open our borders and make a path to citizenship becoming as easy as applying for a car loan. The United States of America cannot exist without borders and as a representative, I will seek legislation that enforces our borders by allowing our border patrol to have the tools they need to conduct their jobs at the highest level with their safety in mind.

I will stand side by side with President Trump in support of the border wall as well as seeking creative ways to fund the project that is in the best interest of the United States.


The second amendment is near and dear to me. While serving overseas, I saw and understand deeply how important it is to be responsible with arms. Our Founding Fathers saw far into the future when they declared that we should have the right to bear arms in the event arises and Americans should need to defend themselves from outside threats or even a tyrannical government.

A lifelong member of the NRA and an active marksman, I will fight any legislation that seeks to withdraw, weaken, or abolish the 2nd Amendment.


Hundreds of years from now, America will look back at abortion as a nationwide horror that robbed millions of their rights to live. I firmly believe that right starts at conception and thus means protected by the United States constitution. As a father of two daughters, I cannot imagine the devastation an abortion causes families across America.

I will support appointing judges that believe in the Right to Life and I will protect the unborn in addition to restricting funding from any government agency that promotes abortion.